Procedures Services

NDT Procedures
TB3 NDT provides Level III services and is renowned for NDT procedure development for all industries. The Written Practice, Qualification and Certification of NDT Personnel can be developed to meet applicable requirements such as: NAS 410, ATA 105, SNT-TC-1A, & CP-189 and other industry documents as needed. The Written Practice is designed specifically per your company’s applicable NDT industry: Military / Government, FAA, Commercial & Corporate Aviation, Aerospace Manufacturing, ASME, AWS, API, Nuclear and other Codes / Industries as applicable.

For NDT Method Procedures, the TB3 NDT Level III consultant will review your company, customer and industry requirements and develop a Specific NDT Method procedure designed for your equipment, materials, processes and acceptance / rejection criteria. If your company requires a Level III signature for the applicable NDT method procedure, then a consulting agreement can be quoted for short term or long term Level III support.