Training Services

NDT Training
TB3 NDT primarily specializes in NDT training specific to the Aerospace industry such as: Military / Government / DOD, FAA, Commercial & Corporate Aviation, and Aerospace Manufacturing. We also have Level III’s on staff who specialize in other industries such as: NAVSEA, Nuclear, ASME, AWS, API, codes and other codes.

We offer classroom and hands-on training classes designed to assist Level II and III inspectors prepare for company initial certification and recertification examinations. This training program has proven to be successful in Level II and III personnel passing certification examinations after long periods of time have passed since initial formal training classes. Your NDT technicians will gain detailed expertise in following your procedures for your product and they will certainly improve their technical skills and formal education knowledge. We also offer full course formats for initial formal classroom training. Our training classes meet the requirements of CP-105 for Qualification & Certification per NAS 410, SNT-TC-1A & CP-189.

​These courses are designed to train your NDT inspectors per your company procedures, customer specifications and industry specifications. The TB3 NDT instructor will review your specific company techniques for the NDT method, design a customized training course specific to your company processes, provide training books and provide hands-on training using your company’s NDT equipment.