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Letterkenny Munitions Center hosts NDT training for Joint Munitions Command enterprise

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — Recently, a group consisting of engineers and Non-Destructive Testing technicians from across the Joint Munitions Command enterprise completed a week-long NDT training course planned, funded, and held at Letterkenny Munitions Center.

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On pursuing NDT Level III as a career. | Toni Bailey, TB3 NDT

Toni is an ASNT / NAS 410 Level III. Able to provide NDT training, examination testing services and NDT auditing services. NDT sales, marketing and laboratory development experience.

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NDT Ethics: Maintaining Ethics and Integrity While Satisfying Production and Aerospace Prime Requirements

Welcome to our quarterly column on NDT Ethics from the special edition of Materials Evaluation issue focusing on women in NDT. This month, we take a different twist and take a moment to highlight ethical practices (instead of focusing on unethical practices) regarding maintaining ethics and integrity while satisfying production and aerospace prime requirements.

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NDT Applications Webinar Series

ASNT | Learn. Grow Your Knowledge. Grow Your Career.

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How a Shrinking Workforce Affects Testing and Inspection in NDT

Nondestructive testing (NDT) embodies a range of test and inspection measures that quality leaders use to find defects or discrepancies without compromising part integrity.

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Great Bay Community College to host training session for nondestructive testing professionals

Great Bay Community College will be hosting nondestructive testing (NDT) expert Toni Bailey, for a training session on March 26, 2019, for NDT professionals working in the aerospace industry.

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New Generation of Air-Coupled Ultrasonic Testing

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Level III Services

We often receive requests from customers needing Level III Services.

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